GOJO Products

Empowering fleets with technology to make their operation more efficient. We focus on providing the best tools and technology to help provide quality and added value for their customers.

Yaw Owe Leng Director at GOJO (Good Journey)

Company values

On a mission to make transport and delivery services accessible globally.

GOJO, stands for Good Journey. Our mission is to build a global brand in transport and delivery where all local partners are included and happy.

About our logo

A circle is one of the simplest shapes and is the building block to anything you can imagine. It is in everything and can represent anything around us. A moving dot on the map to show your location. The wheels of a vehicle that moves the car and the steering wheel that controls it.

In the same way, the technology that powers GOJO has the potential to tackle infinite markets. Let’s connect the dots looking back. Where to next? The G in Good and the J in Journey fuses together to form one whole unit. The color of black and white gives it a luxurious, modern look and feel.