April Release: Streamlined Fleet Management and New Features

New April features enhance your fleet management platform. Import bookings, set driver wait times, and adjust rates with ease. Track flights in-app and enjoy updated email templates for customers.

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April Release: Streamlined Fleet Management and New Features

This April, we're excited to introduce a series of enhancements to our fleet management dispatching platform. These updates are designed to improve operator workflow, driver flexibility, and customer communication. Here's a quick overview of the new features:

Command Center Enhancements

  • Simplified vehicle type selection for custom services.
  • Quick rate adjustment for different services with easy-to-use shortcuts.
Command Center UI/UX Enhancements

Import Bookings

  • Import existing trips into the system to update or override information.
  • Ensure the import file includes external IDs for seamless integration.

Initial Driver Wait Time

  • Set free wait time and maximum wait time for drivers.
  • Customize wait times for specific points of interest and different areas.
Initial Wait Time

In-Journey Driver Wait Time

  • Charge by distance or time based on a set speed.
  • Ideal for managing traffic-related stationary times and adjusting pricing accordingly.
In-journey Wait Time

Driver In-App Flight Tracking

  • Track live updates directly in-app for partners with a flight API subscription.
  • Access popular flight providers for more detailed information.
Flight Info Card

Customer Email Templates

  • Modernized email templates for various stages of the booking process.
  • Support for additional details like flight numbers, luggage count, passenger count, and multiple stops within receipts.
New Email Booking Confirmation & Receipt

These enhancements are designed to boost efficiency, flexibility, and customer satisfaction. We hope they add value to your operations. For questions or assistance, please reach out your account manager. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate our platform!