Issue 19: Dispatch Weekly Insights

Stay ahead in fleet management with our latest insights on regulatory changes, innovations, and market shifts.

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Issue 19: Dispatch Weekly Insights

Happy Lunar New Year! Discover the latest in fleet management and ride-hailing, from regulatory updates to innovative strides and market opportunities, in our monthly digest.

Regulatory Updates

  • Uber Faces Fine in the Netherlands: Highlighting the importance of adhering to privacy laws, the Dutch watchdog fined Uber 10 million euros. Read more
  • Accessibility in Gig Economy: Insight into the experiences of gig workers with disabilities. Explore
  • Singapore's Review on Grab's Takeover: An in-depth review of Grab's acquisition. Discover
  • Japan's Unlicensed Taxis Issue: Addressing the crackdown on unlicensed taxi services. Learn more
  • China's Ride-Hailing Airport Ban: Exploring the implications of China's temporary ban. Find out more


  • BluSmart's EV Charging Funding: BluSmart's initiative in expanding EV charging. Read here
  • CATL and Didi's Battery Swap Facilities: A partnership to enhance EV infrastructure. Explore further


  • Legalization of Ride-Hailing Services: Legalization opens new markets. Read more
  • Strategic Talks Between Foodpanda and Grab: Ongoing negotiations for potential sale. Learn here
  • Ride-Hailing & Delivery Mergers: Grab and GoTo combine forces? Discover


  • Vingroup Eyes Philippine Market: Vingroup's strategic exploration for investment. Read here
  • Launch of Namma Yatri in Chennai: Expansion of ride-hailing services. Explore further


  • Lazada's Strategic Workforce Adjustments: Adapting to e-commerce competition through layoffs. Learn more
  • The Gig Economy's Flexibility: How gig work supports diverse income earners. Read here

This edition's insights aim to empower your strategic decisions in the rapidly evolving ride-hailing landscape. Stay informed and ahead with us.