GOJO Rideshare Roundup | ISSUE 4

From leadership changes to groundbreaking tech, July's rideshare news is captivating. Discover remote car deliveries, EV adoption, and more. Stay tuned!

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GOJO Rideshare Roundup | ISSUE 4

Hello Rideshare enthusiasts,

This month's edition brings a slew of fascinating developments from the rideshare industry. From groundbreaking tech advancements to intriguing leadership changes, let's dive into the most captivating news grouped by relevant categories:

Leadership Changes and Business Milestones

1. Bird's Travis VanderZanden Steps Down From Board

Bird founder, Travis VanderZanden, has unexpectedly stepped down from the company's board. Having led Bird from a small scooter-sharing startup to a global transportation powerhouse, his departure leaves many questions about the company's future direction. Read More

Bird founder Travis VanderZanden officially leaves the nest
Replacing VanderZanden is John Bitove, who played a role in saving Bird’s bacon last year via its merger with Bird Canada.

2. Bolt Services Reach 1 Million Drivers in Africa

In a significant milestone, Bolt has announced that its services have reached 1 million drivers in Africa. This demonstrates the rapid growth of ride-hailing services on the continent and Bolt's dominant role in that expansion. Read More

Bolt now services 1 million drivers in Africa, hopes to hit profitability in 12 months
Ride-hailing company, Bolt is now servicing 1 million drivers in Africa. This is according to a statement sent to Technext by the company.

3. Didi Narrows Losses in First Quarter

Chinese ride-hailing giant, Didi, has managed to narrow its losses in the first quarter, signalling resilience and potential for future growth amidst improved domestic demand and regulatory challenges. Read More

Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi narrows losses in first quarter
Didi recorded a net loss of US$166 million in the first quarter, a significant improvement from its US$2.3 billion loss in the same period last year.

Tech Advancements

4. Halo Launches Remotely Piloted Car Deliveries in Las Vegas

Halo, an innovative rideshare firm, has begun offering remotely piloted rental car deliveries in Las Vegas. This groundbreaking approach could transform the vehicle rental market and pave the way for the future of autonomous vehicles. Read More

Halo.Car launches remotely piloted rental car deliveries in Las Vegas
Halo.Car has launched its “driverless” rental car delivery service in Las Vegas. The company uses remote operators to deliver EVs.

5. Police Eyeing Robotaxi Footage to Solve Crimes

Authorities are looking into the use of robotaxi video footage to solve crimes. While the prospect could prove valuable for law enforcement, it does raise important privacy concerns. Read More

Police want robotaxi video footage to help solve crimes
Police have asked Waymo and Cruise for video evidence from self-driving cars to help solve crimes. What does that mean for surveillance?

Green Initiatives

6. BE Group to Become Vietnam's First Ride-hailing Firm to Use EVs

Vietnam's BE Group is making strides towards sustainable transportation by becoming the country's first ride-hailing company to use electric vehicles. This significant move is a big step towards a greener, more sustainable ride-hailing industry. Read More

Vietnam’s Be Group in deal to become country’s first ride-hailing firm to use EVs - VnExpress International
Vietnam’s Be Group said on Tuesday it has signed an agreement with an electric vehicle leasing service that will make it the first ride-hailing firm in the country to use EVs.

Customer Experience and Safety Issues

7. Terrifying Miscommunication During Uber Ride in South Korea

A South Korean woman recounted a harrowing Uber ride where a language barrier led to a nerve-wracking misunderstanding. This highlights the need for efficient communication systems to ensure passenger safety in the global rideshare landscape. Read More

‘I almost got kidnapped in South Korea’: Woman recounts nerve-wracking Uber ride, but was it just miscommunication?
It was past 3am and Mavis had booked a taxi through Uber to get back to her accommodation from the club. What was supposed to be a short 15-minute ride took over an hour and made the Singaporean think she was getting kidnapped. TikTok user Mavissyn shared about her nerve-wracking journey in a video…

8. Pre-Booking Frustrations with Grab Ride

A man in Singapore paid extra to pre-book a Grab ride to avoid being late for work but was frustrated when the driver said he'd be late. The incident raises questions about the efficacy and value of pre-booking services. Read More

‘Ridiculous’: Man pays extra $8 to pre-book Grab ride so that he won’t be late for work, but driver says he’ll be late for the pick-up
He could not be late. A Grab user is frustrated that after he paid an extra $8 to pre-book a ride so that he would be punctual for work, the driver was tardy anyway. In the end, Stomp contributor David had to cancel the booking and book another ride, causing him to be late. He recounted: “On June 6,…

Stay tuned for more updates from the fast-paced world of ride sharing. Drive safe!

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