GOJO Transportation News Roundup: July 3, 2023

From Uber's return to Sri Lanka and NYC's wage mandate for food delivery drivers, to the rise of transit messenger apps and Socar's workforce cut, stay informed with our roundup of this week's key transportation news.

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GOJO Transportation News Roundup: July 3, 2023

In the vibrant world of transportation, the last week has been packed with groundbreaking news. From ride-hailing services resuming operations to strides in sustainable mobility, there's a lot of noteworthy information to digest. Let's dive into the key headlines.

Sri Lanka Reopens Door to Uber and PickMe

In a recent decision, the Sri Lankan government has permitted ride-hailing apps Uber and PickMe to resume operations, following a suspension over complaints of harassment and overcharging. Both companies are committed to addressing these concerns in collaboration with the government. Read more

Public Transportation Messenger Apps Gain Momentum

A new report from cloud communications provider Sinch states that public transportation messenger apps have seen a 50% increase in downloads over the past year, offering users the convenience of trip planning and booking straight from their smartphones. Read more

Amex GBT Acquires Groundspan

American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) expands its ground transportation services through the acquisition of Groundspan, a leading provider of ground transportation solutions, broadening the range of options available to customers. Read more

Budapest Airport Unveils Pay-go Shuttle Service

Budapest Airport has launched a new pay-go shuttle service operated by HoppyGo, aiming to provide easy access between the airport and the city center. The service includes several stops at prominent city landmarks. Read more

Blacklane Certified for Carbon Offsetting

Global chauffeur service Blacklane has earned a third-party certification for its carbon offsetting program, signifying its commitment to sustainability by investing in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Read more

NYC Sets Minimum Wage for Food Delivery Drivers

The New York City Council has passed a law mandating food delivery apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash to pay their drivers a minimum wage of $15 per hour, taking a significant step towards enhancing gig economy rights. Read more

Via Acquires Citymapper to Enhance Transit Tech

On-demand public transportation provider Via has acquired the popular trip-planning app Citymapper. The merger promises to provide riders with improved public transportation options and easier ride booking. Read more

Cruise Introduces Android App for Robotaxi Service

GM-owned self-driving car company Cruise has launched an Android app that allows users to request and track rides from Cruise cars. The service is currently operating in San Francisco and Phoenix. Read more

Socar Announces Workforce Reductions

In a recent development, South Korean ride-hailing platform Socar has confirmed layoffs of 50% of its workforce. The move comes amidst rising competition from other ride-hailing services. Read more

Self-Driving Buses Facilitate Pilgrims in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has deployed self-driving buses to aid in the transportation of pilgrims during the annual Hajj pilgrimage. The autonomous buses will transport pilgrims between the holy sites of Mecca and Medina. Read more

Uride Launches in Penticton

A new ride-sharing service has been launched in Penticton, offering residents an additional transportation option. The company is optimistic about the venture, given the community's increasing need for convenient and affordable transport solutions. Read more

DoorDash Offers Hourly Rate to Delivery Workers

In a significant move, DoorDash has announced a new pay model that includes an hourly rate for its delivery workers. However, this change comes with certain conditions that workers must meet to qualify for the rate. Read more

Uber Expands Services in Europe

Uber is set to launch its services in several European destinations this summer. The move is part of Uber's ongoing expansion strategy to reach more users and promote its ride-hailing service across the continent. Read more