This Week's Top Shifts in Limo & Ground Transport Tech | Issue 7

Explore August's top limo and taxi industry trends, from AI's rise to retro luxury revivals. Dive into a curated blend of news shaping our dynamic sector. Stay informed, stay ahead!

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This Week's Top Shifts in Limo & Ground Transport Tech | Issue 7

The limo and taxi industry is in constant flux, with challenges and opportunities always on the horizon. As we progress further into 2023, we're witnessing everything from the introduction of AI and autonomous technologies to the revival of retro luxury experiences.

Our August edition brings you a curated selection of news and insights, capturing the pulse of our dynamic industry. Whether you're looking to understand global trends or get a glimpse of niche offerings, we've got you covered. Let's dive in!

Industry Spotlight

  1. The Importance of Robust Software: Scaling a business is crucial in today's competitive market. As the Taylor Swift concert saga revealed, not having a dependable dispatch system can lead to service cancellations and dissatisfied customers. Read more
  2. Antitrust Woes in Europe: Italy's taxi services, already in troubled waters, are now under antitrust scrutiny. This highlights the importance of ethical business practices in the industry. Full story here
  3. Financial Troubles Down Under: A luxury airport transport company went under in Australia, leaving a debt of $11.7 million. Details here

Niche Bookings: The Retro Luxury Ride

  1. Old-School Cool: Legendary Limo Service is capturing the market with its retro luxury rides. Dive into the experience
  2. Expansion Alert: Aspen Limo is setting its sights on Denver with a recent acquisition. Catch the news

AI Transforming the Transportation Sphere

  • ChatGPT Rides with Uber: Uber is harnessing the power of AI, aiming to integrate ChatGPT AI bot into its app, and its rivals are not far behind. Find out more

News From Asia

  1. Strategic Partnerships: Deliveroo and Gojek are joining forces in Singapore, aiming to provide enhanced user experiences. Get the details
  2. Expanding Horizons: Food delivery giants Grab and Foodpanda are delving into dine-in services. Find out their plans
  3. Monopoly Concerns: Singapore's competition watchdog is closely monitoring Grab's proposed takeover of Trans-Cab. Here's why

Robotaxis: The Future is Autonomous

  1. Toyota Takes on China: With its investment in, Toyota is setting its sights on producing robotaxis on a large scale in China. Learn more
  2. Waymo in Austin: Waymo's robotaxi service is coming to Austin, as the tech giant continues to expand its footprint. Details here
  3. Driver Incentives: While autonomous vehicles gain traction, Uber is still paying its drivers extra to keep them on board. Find out why
  4. SF Greenlights Robotaxis: Cruise and Waymo have received permissions to expand their robotaxi operations in San Francisco. Catch the update

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