Product Release - Oct 2023

Maximize bookings with Good Journey's latest: Partner Web Booker, QR Code Bookings, and easy Apple & Google Pay. Dive in at

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Product Release - Oct 2023

Our newest release focuses on expanding your booking avenues, attracting more clientele, and simplifying payment methods for your customers. Dive into our latest features:

Partner Web Booker

Partner Web Booker
  • Tailored for Hospitality: Our web app is ideal for hotel valets, bars, restaurants, clubs, and venues, allowing them to book rides for their guests.
  • Real-time Tracking: Both partners and guests can monitor the driver's status.
  • Efficient & Swift: The booking process is streamlined to just 2 steps. At the journey's end, payments can be made either in cash or through a payment link.
  • Stay Informed: Send an SMS to your guest, allowing them to track the driver in real-time.

QR Booking

Collaborate & Grow: Join hands with hotels, bars, elevators, airports, business lounges, and concert venues. Enable their guests and customers to self-book rides, while you enjoy a commission on every booking.

Book from anywhere, just scan and book a ride!

Support for Apple Pay and Google Pay

Payment Method, Apple and Google Pay

Simplify Payments: In the era of digital transactions, who wants to handle cash or tediously enter a 14-digit credit card number? Allow your customers the convenience of paying for rides via Apple Pay or Google Pay on both native and web apps. It’s the future of frictionless, contactless payments.

Payment Link

Versatile Payment Options: Sometimes customers might prefer cash but find themselves without it. Or perhaps a hotel guest might need to book a ride for someone else. For such scenarios, drivers can generate a Stripe payment link, allowing customers to scan and pay directly from their mobile device. And with Stripe's vast array of payment options, customers can pick the method they’re most at ease with.

Notable Product Improvements

  • Enhance Trip Tracking: We've elevated the live trip tracking experience on both our customer app and web platforms for real-time precision.
  • Intelligent Driver Dispatch: For on-demand trips, our fleet partners have the new capability to avoid dispatching to drivers who have previously canceled jobs, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Gear up for more exhilarating updates next month. We're just getting started! Interested in diving deeper into our products and services? Explore more at