Lunar Release - Feb 2024

Revolutionize your fleet with our latest update: customizable car-types, enhanced booking logs, and app improvements for drivers and customers. Boost efficiency now!

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Lunar Release - Feb 2024

As the Lunar New Year 2024 ushers in a season of renewal, we're excited to roll out streamlined updates to our dispatching fleet management platform, designed to enhance efficiency and connectivity for transportation and delivery services.

Configure and add new car-types

  • Top requested feature, your fleet can now create, modify, and update car-types, meeting the dynamic needs of your business and customers with precision.
Configure and add new car-types

Booking Activity Logs

Introducing trail logs for bookings, allowing for the attachment of photos, documents, and comments, with customizable visibility settings. This enhancement is invaluable for adding detail to trips and orders, accessible by both drivers and customers.

Driver app Updates

The driver app has been upgraded for better interaction with booking details, including:

  • Easier access and management of booking notes
  • Quick actions to translate notes especially useful when you have foreign customers.
  • SMS or WhatsApp messaging capabilities to customers
  • Feature to add trailing notes for expenses like parking and gas fees

Partner App

  • Dispatchers can now add extra notes for drivers, improving the flow of information.
Partner app notes

Customer App: Food & Parcel Delivery

A refreshed interface to make it easy for customers to track their orders.

Food Order and Delivery
Parcel, service delivery

Other notable booking enhancements to go along with:

  • Enhance messages for payment on board
  • View Booking activity log for dispatchers, drivers and customers
  • Enhanced error messages for better clarity on service availability
  • Support fleet company commissions
  • Improve, and update backend libraries for better performance

These updates signify our commitment to advancing our platform in step with our users' evolving needs. We're excited for you to experience these enhancements and wish you prosperity in the Lunar New Year. Stay tuned for further improvements as we continue to support your business's growth.