Product Release March 2024

Streamline fleet management on-the-go or at your desk with our responsive, mobile-friendly dispatch platform.

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Product Release March 2024

This March, we're excited to announce a comprehensive update rollout across our platform. Aimed at refining the operational workflow for dispatchers, drivers, and customers alike, these enhancements not only elevate the user experience across our apps but also introduce a suite of powerful features for our APIs and dispatch dashboard. Discover the latest advancements:

Driver App: Your Workday, Streamlined

Chauffeur - Driver app refresh
  • Marketplace and UI Updates: Enjoy a cleaner, more intuitive job list and marketplace interface, designed for smoother navigation and better job selection.
  • Simplified Workflow: We’ve streamlined the booking view and metadata for drivers, reducing steps and making essential information more accessible to improve your on-road efficiency.
Meet & Greet Sign / New Ringtones
  • Enhanced Meet & Greet Signs: Now, showcase corporate logos or your own brand on Meet & Greet signs, with increased space for clearer customer name display. A more personalized and visible welcome for every pickup.
  • Hear the Difference: Enjoy new, softer dispatch sounds and the option to add custom ringtones for new jobs, reducing audio fatigue and personalizing your experience.

Command Center: Efficiency On the Go

  • Mobile-First Design: The Command Center is now fully optimized for mobile, allowing dispatchers to manage and assign jobs seamlessly from anywhere.
Dispatcher on mobile
  • Streamlined Management Tools: With enhanced tools, quickly view booking types and use the new multi-select feature for easier trip assignments.
  • Desktop Quick Actions: Directly assign drivers and suppliers from the booking list on desktop, speeding up operations and reducing clicks.
Dashboard, job list quick assign

Booking API Enhancements

  • We've enhanced our Booking API to support custom rates, simplifying pricing setup for partners working with booking agents, corporate accounts, or SABRE. This update integrates with our invoicing feature for streamlined billing. Stay tuned for the upcoming Delivery API, aimed at simplifying delivery order creation.

Import Booking Enhancements

  • The Good Journey Platform now allows for seamless updating of existing bookings. By importing bookings with an external_ID that matches one already in our system, you can effortlessly override and update bookings, ensuring all information is current and accurate.


  • We’ve made under-the-hood improvements, from server updates and library upgrades for enhanced performance, to overhauling our payment system for greater flexibility, including a Universal Payment Link System compatible with various gateways like Stripe and others.
Payment Link

System Enhancements

  • Meet & Greet Flexibility: Enable for any booking type, including airports, cruise ports, and hotels.
  • Mandatory Booking Details: Customers must enter seat and luggage details in the app.
  • App Enhancements: Short descriptions added to the passenger app for clarity.
  • Performance Upgrades: Library enhancements for better speed and reliability.
  • API Integration: Streamlined tech debt/migration for all 3rd party APIs.
  • Commission Reporting: Added support for company commission in financial reports.
  • UI Improvements: Simplified customer app UI for clearer cash and payment processes, supporting driver-collected payments via credit-card readers or POS devices.

Concluding our announcement, we echo the spirit of Iron Man's continuous improvements to his suit. Each tweak and enhancement mirrors our commitment to refining our platform, offering you the latest in innovation and efficiency.