Ride-Hailing Roundup: Groundbreaking Trends & Insights - Issue 20

Discover the latest in ride-hailing: shrinking taxi fleets, tech innovations, and key regulatory updates in Issue 20.

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Ride-Hailing Roundup: Groundbreaking Trends & Insights - Issue 20

Welcome to Issue 20 of our Ride-Hailing Roundup. In this edition, we spotlight pivotal updates and opportunities in the ride-hailing and ground transportation sectors. From significant shifts in taxi populations to cutting-edge delivery technologies and regulatory landscapes, our curated news snippets are designed to keep fleet owners and transportation companies informed and ahead in the fast-evolving market.


  1. Shrinking Taxi Population in Singapore - The decline in street-hail rides with Singapore's reducing taxi population highlights the growing preference for ride-hailing services. Read more
  2. Abandoned Taxis Report - A report on 30,000 taxis lying abandoned showcases the impact of the pandemic and competition from ride-hailing apps. Read more
  3. Blacklane's Expansion in Georgia - Rideshare service Blacklane plans to expand its service within Georgia, exploring new opportunities. Read more
  4. Earnings of Uber Eats Riders - Insight into the earnings of Uber Eats riders reveals the potential for substantial income in the gig economy. Read more
  5. Uber App Introduction in Kaga City - Kaga City's adoption of the Uber app for ride-sharing by general drivers marks an innovative approach to local transportation. Read more
  6. Grab's Profitable Quarter - Grab announces its first profitable quarter and a share buyback, signaling financial success. Read more
  7. Britway Airport Transfer's Success - Britway Airport Transfer Ltd achieves new heights in travel excellence, emphasizing its growth in the market. Read more
  8. Uber's Return to Budapest - Uber makes a significant return to Budapest after an eight-year hiatus, marking a comeback in the European market. Read more
  9. Ryde's NYSE Debut - Singapore's ride-hailing firm Ryde is set to debut on the New York Stock Exchange, highlighting its international expansion. Read more


  1. Uber Eats Robot Deliveries in Tokyo - Uber Eats begins robot deliveries in Tokyo, showcasing advancements in delivery technology. Read more
  2. Lyft's Inclusive Driver Matching Program - Lyft expands a program to match women and non-binary riders with drivers, promoting safety and inclusivity. Read more
  3. Innovative Airport Transfers App - A new customer app for airport transfers represents the latest technological evolution in the sector. Read more
  4. Uber Store Pickup in India - Uber introduces store pickup services in India, diversifying its service offerings. Read more


  1. Challenges in Jordan's Economy and Safety - An examination of the economic and safety challenges facing Jordan, including transportation and regulatory concerns. Read more
  2. Illegal E-Hailing Operators in Nigeria - A discussion on the regulatory challenges posed by illegal e-hailing operators in Nigeria. Read more
  3. South Korea's Ride-Hailing Regulations - South Korea updates its ride-hailing regulations, balancing innovation with public safety. Read more
  4. Philippines' Legalization of Motor Taxis - The Marcos government works with ride-hailing firms to legalize motor taxis and relax TNVS regulations, aiming to improve urban mobility. Read more

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