GOJO Transport Digest | ISSUE 5

From Canoo's collaboration with NASA to Grab's latest acquisition, the transportation sector is buzzing with innovation and change. Dive into this week's top stories and stay ahead of the curve.

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GOJO Transport Digest | ISSUE 5

Dear Readers,

A week of rapid changes in transportation, from space ventures to city streets. Dive into this week's top updates!

Ride-hailing & Taxi Services:

  • Grab's Big Acquisition: Grab acquires taxi operator Transcab in a deal reportedly worth $100 million. What does this mean for the ride-hailing landscape? Read more
  • Uber & Bolt Drivers' National Shutdown: Drivers in South Africa are making their voices heard. Find out why they are going on a national shutdown. Read more
  • Japan's New Taxi App: Uber's recent attempt to gain ground in Japan results in the launch of a new taxi app. Dive into the details. Read more
  • Uber & DoorDash Stocks Rise: A recent court victory is causing ripples in the stock market for these ride-hailing giants. Get the financial scoop. Read more

Cruise and Maritime News:

  • PortMiami's Grant from U.S. Department of Transportation: PortMiami receives a $5 million grant, marking a significant development for the maritime sector. Read more

Aviation Insights:

  • Unique Inter-city Transportation: A new airline is offering a novel mode of transport between two Pennsylvania cities. Find out the details! Read more
  • American Airlines Buses: Discover how American Airlines ensures that its buses remain secure while transporting passengers between airports. Read more
  • AirAsia's Logistics Arm Expansion: Teleport, the logistics affiliate of AirAsia, inducts its first A321F and has plans for ten more. Get insights into their strategy. Read more

Space Travel News:

  • Canoo Partners with NASA: Canoo's innovative space vehicles are now part of NASA's crew transportation. Explore how these vehicles are reshaping the future of space travel. Read more

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