GOJO Transport Digest | ISSUE 6

In this week's Transport Digest, explore InDrive's US launch, Vietnam's electric taxi boom, Domino's & Uber Eats' collab, and Waymo's strategic shift. Stay on the move with us!

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GOJO Transport Digest | ISSUE 6

Welcome to this week's edition of The Weekly Transport Digest, where we navigate the ever-evolving world of transportation. From ride-hailing apps and electric vehicle charge stations to food delivery partnerships, join us as we traverse the globe to bring you the latest happenings. This week's highlights include the expansion of a bid-based ride-hail app, InDrive, into the US and the exciting partnership between Domino's and Uber Eats!

1. Ride-Hailing Evolution

InDrive's Expansion: InDrive, known for its innovative bid-based ride-hailing app, has made its US debut. The platform allows users to place bids for rides, ensuring competitive pricing and transparency. Read more.

InDrive brings its ‘bid-based’ ride-hail app to the US | TechCrunch
InDrive launched its “bid-based” ride-hail platform in Miami. Customers can name their own fare, and drivers can accept, decline or counter.

VinFast's Moves in Vietnam: Green SM introduces a pure EV taxi service in Vietnam. With the deployment of 500 units of VinFast VF-E34 and 100 units of VF8, Vietnam's transportation scene is getting an eco-friendly boost. This move coincides with the launch of an electric taxi rental service by Vingroup's Chairman.

Green SM launches pure EV taxi service in Vietnam - 500 units of VinFast VF e34, 100 units of VF8 deployed - paultan.org
The Green and Smart Mobility Joint Stock Company has commenced operation of the first fully electric taxi service in Vietnam, named Green Smart Mobility Taxi (Green SM Taxi) last week, according to a news post …

Taxi War in Singapore: Grab acquires Singapore's third-largest taxi operator, Trans-Cab. Meanwhile, Strides & Premier are joining forces to become the second-largest taxi operator in the country. Read more 1 Read more 2.

Strides Taxi and Premier Taxis will merge to form second-largest cab operator in Singapore
The taxi deal will take effect from 1 May. How will it affect you? Find out.

2. The Charge of Electric Vehicles

VoltPost's Momentum: VoltPost, a promising EV charging startup, has successfully secured $3.6M in its seed round. This is set to accelerate the company's growth and expansion plans. Read more.

Kenya Goes Green: Public transit is paving the way for the EV sector's growth in Kenya, demonstrating the continent's commitment to sustainable transport solutions. Read more.

3. The Challenges and Triumphs of Giants

NYC Taxis Vs. Uber and Lyft: New York City's iconic yellow taxis are battling for survival against modern giants Uber and Lyft. Can they revamp their strategies to stay relevant in the digital age? Read more.

Domino's & Uber Eats Partnership: In a delightful twist for pizza lovers, Domino's is teaming up with Uber Eats, hinting at a new direction for food delivery partnerships. Read more.

Waymo's Shift: Waymo, a significant player in the autonomous vehicle world, has decided to halt its self-driving trucks program. The reasons behind this sudden decision remain intriguing. Read more.

Uber's Profit Milestone: After years in the red, Uber has finally reported a profit from its ride-sharing business, marking a significant turning point for the company. Read more.

4. Spotlight on Innovations

  • Tesla in Tampa: Tesla's Model Y is making waves in Tampa, as it becomes part of a new ride-sharing program called 'Dash.' This marks another step towards a greener future for urban transport. Read more.

That wraps up this week's roundup. As the transportation industry continues to evolve, we'll be here to keep you informed and updated. See you next week!

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