Transportation, Ride-Hailing and Autonomy - Issue 8

Stay updated with this week's key developments in transportation and tech. Explore news on luxury black car services, ride-hailing challenges, the future of autonomous vehicles, and more.

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Transportation, Ride-Hailing and Autonomy - Issue 8

Welcome to this week's roundup of transportation and technology news. From luxury black car services hitting the open road to government-run ride-hailing platforms, and from payment innovations to the future of autonomous vehicles, this newsletter offers a comprehensive look at the latest developments in the sector. Let's dive in!

Black Car Service

Blacklane’s City To City: Where Luxury Meets The Open Road
City to City offers 127 routes in eleven countries, ranging from Australia and Canada, to Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Blacklane is elevating the travel experience by offering luxurious city-to-city services. Experience comfort and style as you traverse between major cities.


Hackers Exploit Flaws for Free Rides

Security vulnerabilities in the Moovit transportation app allowed hackers to book free rides, highlighting the need for stronger cybersecurity measures in the ride-hailing industry.

Bugs in transportation app Moovit gave hackers free rides | TechCrunch
A series of bugs in the Moovit transportation app could have allowed hackers to get free rides, a security researcher warns.

Government Ride-Hailing in Bagalore

Bangalore is working on a government-backed ride-hailing service, aiming to create a more accountable and public-oriented platform.

Government-run ride-hailing app: Karnataka Transport Department to collaborate with e-Governance Department to develop app
The State government’s ride-hailing app plan is gaining momentum, with the Transport Department asking the e-Governance Department to initiate the development of the mobile application and launch it in six months

Regulatory Actions

From Moldova restricting data sharing to ride-hailing's growth in Jamaica, regulatory actions continue to shape the industry's landscape.

Moldova to ban ride hailing apps (read: Yandex) from sharing user data outside of E.U. — Meduza
The government of Moldova has suggested banning ride hailing apps from sharing passenger data with countries outside of the E.U., Moldova MP Alexander Trubka told publication NewsMaker.

Acquisitions and Collaborations

AlphaVest's merger with Wanshun Technology and other collaborations signify an evolving ride-hailing marketplace focused on expansion and diversification.

AlphaVest Acquisition Corp Announces Entering into a Merger Agreement with Wanshun Technology Industrial Group Limited
New York, NY, Aug. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AlphaVest Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: ATMV) (“ATMV”), a special purpose acquisition company, announced the…

Payment Innovations

Grab adding AliPay and KakaoPay to Grab Super App

This article delves into how payment innovations are shaping the future of transport, especially in ride-hailing services.

Grab looks to Chinese, Korean tourists
Grab Thailand is partnering with Alipay and Kakao Pay platforms to provide additional payment options for Chinese and South Korean tourists.

Asia's Ride-Hailing Landscape

AirAsia adds new service to their e-hailing platform called SureRide, signaling a growing and competitive landscape in Asian markets.

airasia ride Starts Testing SureRIDE; Lets You Secure A Driver More Quickly
airasia ride, the e-hailing service on the airasia superapp, is testing out a new feature called SureRIDE. This feature appears

Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles


Robomart is banking on a new form of commerce: hailing self-driving stores directly to customers, merging retail and transportation.

Robomart is banking on ‘store-hailing’ to bring self-driving stores directly to customers | TechCrunch
Today Los Angeles–based firm Robomart is announcing a $2 million seed round, putting its to-date funding at $3.4 million.

Self-Driving Taxis

As autonomous vehicles become increasingly prevalent, this article features insights from current Uber and Lyft drivers on the future of self-driving taxis.

Uber and Lyft Drivers Have Some Advice for Autonomous Vehicles Set to Swarm the Streets
San Francisco ride-hail drivers are about to share the roads with robot competitors. They say that the self-driving cabs need to work on their traffic skills—and watch out for bodily fluids.

Data Analytics

Analysis Report on North America's Shared Mobility

A deep dive into the data reveals that Uber is set to dominate the North American shared mobility market, with ride-hailing remaining the largest segment.

North America Shared Mobility Strategic Analysis Report 2023-2030: Ride-hailing will Remain the Largest Segment with Uber Dominating -

Just For Fun

Fun new way to engage customers

One e-hailing driver has come up with a unique and hilarious way to engage with his passengers—through games that help them get to know him. Check it out.

That's all for this week. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the world of transportation and technology!