Weekly Dispatching News 16

Telematics advances, regulatory shifts, safety concerns, green initiatives, and evolving business opportunities shape the dispatching software industry

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Weekly Dispatching News 16

Telematics: Enhancing Road Safety

  • TechCrunch: Discusses the U.S. government's push for anti-drunk driving technology in cars and the challenges involved. Read more
  • Grab Engineering: Explains how Grab is utilizing telematics to improve vehicle performance and driver behavior. Read more

Regulatory Changes: Impact and Responses

  • TechNext24: Covers Bolt Nigeria's interaction with e-hailing unions and the implications for the industry. Read more
  • InSauga: Highlights restaurants covering rideshare trips, reflecting on local initiatives adapting to new regulations. Read more
  • The Straits Times: Reports on ComfortDelGro raising cab fares, a response to changing market dynamics. Read more
  • Fortune & Forbes: Analyzes how Uber and Deliveroo are adapting to EU regulations treating gig workers as employees. Fortune, Forbes
  • Euronews: Discusses the potential increase in costs for services like Uber and Deliveroo. Read more

Safety in Focus

  • Cincinnati.com & Business Insider: Highlights safety concerns and the experiences of drivers with disabilities in the industry. Cincinnati.com, Business Insider

The Green Movement

  • TechCrunch, Reuters, Electrek, Nikkei Asia: Reports on advancements in electric vehicles and partnerships, like Uber's collaboration with Tesla, pointing towards a greener future. TechCrunch, Reuters, Electrek, Nikkei Asia

Business Opportunities Expanding

  • Mainly Miles & Time Out Hong Kong: Showcases new business opportunities like airport limo services and airport transfer services between Hong Kong and Zhuhai. Mainly Miles, Time Out Hong Kong
  • Daily Sabah: Highlights Delivery Hero's decision to shut down tech hubs in Turkey and Taiwan, underscoring shifting business strategies. Read more